The Height of Fashion

The Height of Fashion

Currently enjoying pride of place on catwalks across the world, lace has never been more popular than it is today.
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Currently enjoying pride of place on catwalks across the world, lace has never been more popular than it is today. The delicate fabric has always held an allure for fashion designers, its elegant charm having a striking quality from a distance and a truly intriguing effect seen close-up. Always seen as a luxury fabric, lace constantly catches the eyes of avant-garde fashionistas who use its versatile qualities to astounding effect.

Recently shown at the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) in Australia, the 'Lace in Fashion' exhibition featured an array of beautiful garments, using vintage lace to more modern examples. The event attracted many interested viewers, all of whom were astounded at the beauty and craftsmanship that had clearly been poured into the making of the exhibits. Excitedly commenting on the enduring appeal of lace, the NGV's International Fashion and Textiles curator Roger Leong said, "Lace was a textile that signified all that was luxurious, highly desirable and new. Throughout the twentieth century, lace has been the subject of many revivals and interpretations, always creating a symbol of elegance and occasion".

As can be seen from the photographs, lace is being used to create a variety of stunning effects on the catwalk. Adding style and grace to any garment it is juxtaposed with, the fabric's versatility is plain to see. In recent months, lace has been seen not only on garments but also on accessories such as handbags and belts. World-famous designer Christian Louboutin recently exhibited a pair of black lace shoes; the combination of strength and delicacy was truly a sight to see. This use of contrast is a strong trend in current fashion with regards to lace. A writer for Grazia magazine recently stated, "It's all about contrast; delicacy with density and antique with modern".

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