The Fabulous Five - New and Exclusive Lace Designs

The new lace designs just keep on coming with the addition of five more fantastic varieties to our massive collection. Check out the details of these new laces below and click through to their dedicated product pages to access magnified, high-definition images of each material.


Shirley is a stunning 54" in width and is of the palest ivory, offering an ethereal quality that is immensely feminine. Scalloped and fringed edges lead the eye inwards to the central motif of this design which is formed from a triptych of embroidered flowers that, enhanced with pearls, sequins and beads, creates an entrancing three-dimensional effect.


This ivory lace has a timelessly-beautiful design that excites the eye with its flowing and undulating floral motifs. The exquisite beauty of these flowers is dramatically and glamorously enhanced with the expert placing of sequins, beads and complex cording. An attractive and distinctive feature of Ruth is the fringed and scalloped borders which extend beyond their edges and into the body of the lace itself.


As Amy Chantilly lace is one of our most popular designs, it is available in a wide range of colours. Now added to the range is a variety rendered in the deepest black, creating an exciting and daring appeal designed for a bride with an exotic sense of theatre. A complex mixture of cotton and fibrane viscose gives Amy a unique texture that is extremely tactile and the stunning embroidery depicting a close network of floral motifs is set on a fine open tulle.


Designers regularly contact Platinum Bridal Fabrics asking us to use our considerable experience to source lace in a particular style. During the past few months, there has been an increased demand from these designers for a lace with a highly-decorative edge but with a plain area towards the centre. Our bridal team are proud to introduce Macey, a lightweight lace featuring large floral motifs separated by an elegant geometric stripe, to meet the ever-changing requirements of our designer customers.


Fresh, funky and daring, Willow lace is embroidered densely with corded leaves and flowers which extend asymmetrically from one side of the lace almost to the other. This means that Willow features a glamorous and extravagant motif of great height, creating a real eye-catching display. We predict great popularity for this lace so order now to be part of the avant-garde!

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