Super-Short Styles with Corded Ivory Lace Fabric

Short wedding gown styles look amazing when made using corded lace fabric
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The weather has a massive effect on fashion and, as summer approaches, temperatures aren't the only thing to be going up! Wedding gown hemlines are also on the rise, leading to some very exciting, dramatic and daring short wedding dresses appearing on the couture runways. Corded lace fabric is perfect for creating bridal gowns of a shorter length and here are three styles to inspire your creativity...


Ivory Corded Lace: Sarah

Ivory Corded Lace – Sarah

One of our customers' biggest favorites, Sarah lace fabric has it all. Three floral motifs, each heavily corded onto the medium tulle base, form a breathtaking bouquet that is enhanced by a swirl of stems of leaves. More bouquets embellish the borders of this unique design, which is edged with a series of delicate flowers.


Ivory Corded Lace: Rhiannon

Ivory Corded Lace - Rhiannon

Big, bold and flamboyant flowers characterize this lace fabric, enhanced in detail with skillful use of embroidery threads. The expert cording is repeated on many other smaller bouquets in the body of this stunning material, creating a hypnotic effect that is simply dazzling.


Ivory Corded Lace: Eloise

Ivory Corded Lace - Eloise

Identical scalloped edges frame this tasteful design, which centers on an entrancing bouquet made up of five separate blooms.

Due to popular demand, Eloise ivory corded lace is now also available in classic white or, if you want to be a little more daring and fashion-forward, in powerful, dramatic black.

This represents just a fraction of the many styles of corded lace available on our website here at Bridal Fabrics. Browse to discover more...



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