Exquisite Chantilly Lace

Chantilly lace is the most light and delicate of all. Woven on the 19th century mechanical Leaver's loom (it is also known as Leavers Lace), some of the designs date back to the early 20th century. With a lovely, soft drape and romantic associations, Chantilly is a forever favourite of brides the world over.

We have a vast selection of Chantilly Lace and Hand Beaded Chantilly Lace to scintillate your senses but we’re going to hand pick a few special examples.  Firstly, Kate, featured in Kate Middleton’s wedding dress, is a superb example of Chantilly with a beautiful floral bouquet. With a lovely light and soft drape and handle, it is also available in a range of colours and with a matching trim. Kate is also available with matching scalloped edges as Mitzi

A sensational Chantilly Lace that has then been hand embroidered in Italy is Briella.  Briella is a luxurious lace featuring a range of different sized, intricate flowers and the use of subtle gold filigree thread.  An absolute show stopper that retains a light and soft drape.

Alternatively, something a bit different yet still delicate and beautiful: Jocelyn.  A lovely lace with couture appeal, the pattern on this lace combines floral motifs and sweeping arcs, giving it a more modern twist.  Whilst one edge is straight, the other is scalloped and both feature light fringe detail. 

Top of our picks for hand beaded Chantilly lace in ivory is Evangeline, intricately hand embellished with a variety of beads and sequins to create some shimmer and sparkle.  The base lace for this is Francesca, and it can also be found beaded in different ways as Meryl or Philamena.

Finally, featuring large rose floral motifs, Alisha is a glamorous choice with beads and sequins used to embellish the roses and the borders.  Using our Chantilly lace Harper as its ground lace, both edges are symmetrical and gently scalloped.

In addition to offering a free sampling service, we have no minimums so you can order your designated cut length and holding our laces in stock ensures speedy delivery too.  For any enquiries email us on info@bridalfabrics.co.uk or call us on 01254 873333.  We look forward to hearing from you and we’re always happy to help.