Step into Spring with Bridal Fabrics!

Step into Spring with Bridal Fabrics!

New wedding dress material inspired by spring
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The spring season is now well-established and so in this edition of the Bridal Fabrics blog we will be inspiring you with six of the best spring-inspired lace fabrics, including three brand new designs that have only just been added to our range.


Henrietta: Ivory & Blush Lace.

Ivory & Blush Lace - Henrietta

Onto a soft raschel base, a charming floral design has been embroidered in an alluring ivory colour with occasional flashes of pink blush. Beads, diamantes and pearls add to the glamour.


Aldira: Pink Embroidered Flower Lace. 

Pink Embroidered Flower Lace - Aldira

The floral pattern of Aldira extends across the entire body of this elegant lace fabric. A closer look at the overall blush colour of the wedding dress material reveals not one but two subtly different tones of soft pink.

Eugenie: Ivory & Blush Beaded Lace.

Ivory & Blush Beaded Lace - Eugenie
A joyous, varied array of blooms decorate this lace, arranged in a pattern that gradually increases in density across the fabric's width: as well as creating a vibrant and unusual aesthetic, this arrangement lends the fabric immesne practical flexibility. Expertly embellished with sequins, beads, pearls and 3D georgette petals, Eugenie bridal lace is absolutely stunning.


Antonella: Ivory & Blush Lace.

Ivory & Blush Lace - Antonella

Dramatic, daring and oh-so-delightful, Antonella lace fabric is a work of art. Floral motifs, embroidered in an arresting combination of ivory, blush and champagne colours, nestle among intricate webs of foliage, while translucent sequins and pearlised beads add a magical sparkle.


Dora: Ivory Chantilly Lace.

Ivory Chantilly Lace - Dora

Dramatic yet refined, Dora is a majestic Chantilly lace emblazoned with row after row of seductively circular garlands, each of which enclose a feminine floral bouquet. Matching scalloped edges frame this eye-catching design.


Khalisi: Ivory Organza Lace. Ivory Organza Lace - Khalisi

A careful arrangement of organza flowers, highlighted at their edges with embroidery, create a magnificent pattern on this lace fabric. A shining example of contemporary Italian couture, Khalisi is sophisticated, stylish and striking. 


Ivanna: Ivory Chantilly Lace.

Ivory Chantilly Lace - Ivanna

'Classy' is the keyword when it comes to describing this luxurious French Chantilly lace, which features a delicate fringe running right along its matching scalloped edges. Complete the look with matching lace trim.

We hope you're feeling inspired! Don't forget you can order two samples of any of our lace fabrics absolutely FREE with our compliments.

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