Silk & Sunshine: The Ultimate Combo for a Perfect Summer Wedding!

Silk & Sunshine: The Ultimate Combo for a Perfect Summer Wedding!

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Summer weddings are a dream for most brides! Some of them boarding planes and crossing borders to experience the magic of a summer wedding. Indeed, with aestival ceremony comes sunshine and warm weather, as well as beautiful landscape where to snap the prettiest memories. But it also comes with the apprehension of being uncomfortably hot in your wedding dress, during what’s supposed to be the best day of your life. But fear not! We have put together for you a selection of the most comfortable silk fabrics. We won’t let the climate get in the way of the most unforgettable day of your life!

Why you should say “YES!” to Silk Fabrics

Silk is a breathable fabric, which makes it the perfect choice for destination weddings and any in a hot climate. It is made from natural fibres and is very fine and light, allowing the bride to feel comfortable despite hot temperatures. Moreover, the sun will reflect stunningly on this shiny, glossy material. If you ever thought a simple fabric might be too dull, the Silk associated with the sun will make you change your mind! 

Ivory Silk Satin Chiffon - Delicacy

This gorgeous Silk Satin Chiffon, Delicacy is an ideal fabric for summer weddings due to its lightweight and breathable properties. With one side of this fabric a satin finish and the other a delicate crepe weave, it will keep the wearer cool and comfortable regardless of the temperature. It is also an optimal look for a boho themed ceremony, usually popular during the summer. Are you not convinced? Then maybe the Ivory Silk Double Satin - Eminence will catch your eye!

Ivory Silk Double Satin - Eminence

Go for elegance with this absolutely ravishing fabric. Silk Double Satin, Eminence is the perfect choice for a summer wedding as the bride will feel the most cool and comfortable in this smooth and soft finish. Additionally, and to enhance the elegant look, Silk Double Satin drapes beautifully giving the bride a flattering silhouette!

White Silk Hammer Satin - St Maxime

This one might just be one of our favourites! Silk Hammer Satin, St Maxime is a splendid textured yet smooth silk that will look the most gracious on any bride. It combines the luxurious feel of Silk and the originality of Hammered Satin, a blend that helps provide the wearer breathability and comfort. This fabric is perfect if you’re planning a Chic and Glamour themed ceremony.

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