Save 15% this January on a Selection of Lace Fabrics

With the fun and excitement of Christmas and New Year past and a long, cold winter stretching into the distance, everyone needs a little bit of cheering up. So why not close the curtains against the bleak view, snuggle yourself up in your favourite blanket with a hot chocolate next to you and revel in the superb selection of wedding dress material currently on extra-special offer?! Plan your dream dress and let us supply the essential details that will make it just right for you - your bridal lace budget just got 15% bigger when you choose from this collection… which will prove to be your ultimate temptation? Start your journey here…

Eden - Ivory Corded Lace

The garden that gives this beautiful bridal fabric its name is well represented by a heavenly swirling of flowers and foliage which interlock with warm, jovial camaraderie. The fine tulle background is sensuously-soft yet easily strong enough to support the heavy embroidery and dense cording used to such delightful, magical effect. A grown-up choice for a bride who knows exactly how to make the best of her attractive style and wants a lace that matches her passionate yet refined character.

Isabella - Ivory Guipure Lace

A suitably-exotic name for a bold and provocative fabric that takes the Art Deco style and runs with it. A small and subtle basketweave separates the tasteful arrangements of leaves and flowerbuds that adorn the formal and aesthetically-pleasing grid pattern. Each edge of this guipure ivory lace is identical, with gentle scallops and floral garlands softening the strong geometric lines.

Sarah - White Corded Lace

A firm favourite here at Platinum Bridal Fabrics, this corded lace is created using a tulle of medium weight, embellished with a unique flower spray comprising three heavily-shaded blooms surrounded by an undulating profusion of stems and leaves. The border is particularly detailed, with a complex 7-flower motif grabbing all of the attention before the design is completed with a small and subtle yet totally unmissable series of diminutive flowers.

Angela - Black & White Corded Lace

Just.. WOW! We can’t find any other words for this fabric - what we do know is that it’s bang-on-trend and available to purchase now with a one-off 15% discount. It really is something special and we would love to get your reactions - how would you describe this amazing wedding dress material? Visit the product page and email to let us know!