Save 15%: Take YOUR Lucky Dip...

If you’re getting ready to enjoy a nice, relaxing Easter weekend, then make sure you put aside some time to check out our very special offers. In fact, you might want to set aside quite a lot of time, as we have added more than 130 items to the special sale; each one is available with a cool 15% off, which is bound to put a big smile on your face and an extra jingle in your purse. No you’re NOT allowed to spend it on more Easter eggs!

With so many items featuring in the sale, it's obviously impossible to look at each one one in detail so we propose one of our legendary lucky dips into a sweet, sincerely special collection. Let these random choices be a springboard, sharpening your eye for design and acting as a beacon to start your journey through our collection. Or maybe, if fate is on your side, we are about to choose your very perfect fabric for you, as if by magic…

Mercury Crystal Embroidery

Our first choice is certainly apt, as its embellishments have been added with a generous and extravagant hand, creating a truly magical effect. Pearls, beads and glorious diamantes glisten and gleam in harmony with one another, no mean feat when you consider how many there are. Yet none jostles for attention; each is a necessary part of a perfect whole. Elegant, charming, couture… need we say more?3

Hydra Crystal Dress Trim

Hydra Crystal Dress Trim

Crystal trims always look luxurious and exciting and this premium example is perhaps the most thrilling of all. A stylish, artistic star is the centre setting for the piece, which also feature undulating edging surrounding silver beads and opaque sequins. Opaque crystals team with softly enticing marquises to really up the game for this beautiful adornment to a classy, showstopping wedding gown.

Why not try out your own lucky dip? Our sale items are all listed together across four pages and, for those who want to go right through and make sure they don't miss anything (which is most of you!), you're going to find a set of even better deals; there are lots of products reduced by a massive 50% too! What will you discover?