Ribbon Laces Have Now Arrived!

Bridal Fabrics Ltd is excited to announce that we now have a range of ribbon laces which are now launched and available to order online. There are some simply stunning designs available and you should definitely take a look!

We are able to offer a stock service with no minimum order and there are discounts for full rolls should you require one. The majority of our ribbon laces are available in white or ivory although there are some available in black too!

Our ribbon laces are fabrics which are embellished with embroidery and ribbons and the majority are on a mesh background. We will talk you through some of the ones which are currently available.

Leoni Ribbon Lace

this is a ribbon lace which features tight twirls of ribbon on a mesh background and this is one of the laces which we supply in both white and black.

Lorraine Ribbon Lace

A quirky design this ribbon lace has more open twirls and the ribbon has a frill to it. The twirls look like they are unravelling and again this is one which is supplied in both white and black colouring.  

Caroline Ribbon Lace

this particular ribbon is a see through mesh and the design features tightly coiled twirls which look similar to the Lorraine Ribbon Lace almost like they are unravelling. We currently only supply this in white.

Camilla Ribbon Lace

this ribbon featured on this lace has a frilled edging. It is gathered into tight bundles and they almost look like roses. At the moment this ribbon lace is currently only available in Ivory.

Judith Ribbon Lace

one of our favourites at Bridal Fabrics because of its striking appearance the ribbon which is used on this particular lace has a jagged edge which is gathered up into clusters. As mentioned this is an extremely eye-catching lace but at the moment we only supply this in white.

Heather Ribbon Lace

another striking piece the lace which is used on this ribbon lace is thin and silky. They are ravelled up into tight circles and we currently have this style available in both white and black colouring.

Tabitha Ribbon Lace

this lace is extremely similar to the Camilla ribbon lace. It has a frilled edging and the ribbon is gathered into tight bundles which almost look like a rose. At the moment we currently supply this lace in white.

Mary Ribbon Lace

using a silky ribbon this particular ribbon lace features ribbon which has been gathered into a circle but it is a lot looser and looks almost as if it has unravelled. This is supplied in ivory colouring only.

Beverley Ribbon Lace

this lace in similar in style to the Judith Ribbon Lace and the ribbon has a jagged edge which is gathered up into tight clusters. This is another eye-catching lace and we are currently supplying this in ivory.

We are happy to send samples out; we will send two free of charge and then additional samples are charged at 50p. Please note that if you require a large size sample we reserve the right to make a charge as our products carry such high value.

If you are not sure about which ribbon lace to choose then why not give us a call. Our friendly staff at Platinum Bridal Fabrics will listen to you in regard to what the fabric is to be used for before offering their expert opinion and presenting a number of options to you.

For more information and to discuss your ribbon lace then call us on 01254 873333 or email info@bridalfabrics.co.uk.