Remember Snap Our Fabric for a £20 Gift Voucher!

Remember Snap Our Fabric for a £20 Gift Voucher!

Platinum Bridal Fabrics regularly have customers visit us in order to select only the most beautiful laces and bridal fabrics for their special day.
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Customers often visit Platinum Bridal Fabrics in order to select from our beautiful range of laces and bridal fabrics for their special day or simply to create some extremely high quality garments. They choose to use our fabrics because they want the most luxurious and stunning looking garments imaginable and when they purchase our fabrics that is what they get!

We carefully listen to the needs and expectations of our customers and then advise them which fabrics or laces that we recommend would be best suited to their requirements. It is great to hear clients telling us about their fantastic and exciting ideas about their wedding dress design.

Very sadly for us however, we only rarely see how the finished garment looks and how the designer and dress maker has used chosen to use our laces and fabrics. Therefore we are inviting our customers to send in a photo or photos of their finished garments so that we can show these on our website and also see their exciting descriptions come to life!

As a customer you have gone to all the effort of carefully selecting some of the most stunning fabrics available on the market in order to create say the wedding dress of your dreams so why not show it off and inspire other people?

In return for your photo or photos of the finished garment we will send you a £20 gift voucher which can be used against your or a friend's next purchase from Platinum Bridal Fabrics. Quick, go grab that camera and send us in your photos today!

To claim your FREE £20 gift voucher then Please send your photos to and we will also publish them live on our site.


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