Rainbows on the Runway — Silk Dupion

Silk dupion is a designer's dream fabrics
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Everyone wants their wedding gown to have that designer look, as if it has come straight off the runway or red carpet. If you are a bridalwear designer, then this emphasis is ever more important to make you stand out from the crowd — you can achieve those magical, extravagant and dramatic effects using Silk Dupion, available from Wedding Dress Fabrics in a sumptuous, extensive range of colors! And now, you can give your customers the full rainbow experience with our brand new Masquerade Silk Dupion Shade Cards.

You may use silk dupion all the time, but do you know why it is such a uniquely-textured, luxurious fabric? Well, it all starts with two silkworms who form a loving bond a little bit closer than the lesser worms around them, spinning their cocoons in extremely close proximity. ‘Dupion’ comes from the Italian meaning ‘double’ as the cocoons fuse into single units. This results in the ‘slubs’ (twisted double rolls of fibre) evident throughout the fabric, making it rustle and bustle and ruffle in that haute couture style!

With our excellent and extensive color range, now gathered together for convenience on our new Shade Cards, you can always be sure of satisfying even the most choosy bride. We love all the colors (of course!) but we have cherry-picked a few favorites just for you…

  • Cherry — speaking of that fabulous fruit, Cherry is our first favorite! A deep, rich and powerful tone that will make your customers look the pick of the bunch

  • Turquoise and Teal — two perfectly-complementary tones that are just begging for permission to star in their very own bridal drama together

  • Amber — warming, soothing and ultimately contemporary, this colour is definitely idea for fall weddings

  • Cappuccino and Cinnamon — for many of us here in the USA, fall weather lasts about five seconds before giving in to the harsh demands of winter! These cheery, spicy colours will make sure you keep glowing throughout the ceremony

  • Magenta — colors on the spectrum between blue and red are immensely popular right now and Magenta is perhaps the most striking, yet also conversely the most subtle, of these regal hues

  • White, Cream, Black and Ivory — naturally, all of the most popular colors are available when you choose silk dupion from Wedding Dress Fabrics

Order our new Masquerade Silk Dupion Shade Cards TODAY — give your customers the gift of color.

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