Bestselling Bridal Lace - 2015 Favourites!

Bestselling Bridal Lace - 2015 Favourites!

Has your favourite wedding lace or embellished fabric made it onto our chart?
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The end of 2015 is fast approaching and, as we always do, we have put together our definitive list of the bestselling bridal lace of the year! Here you can see at a single glance which fabrics have received the most attention and recognition over the past twelve months - allow yourself to be inspired by the gorgeous wedding dress material that has taken those coveted top spots.

23 stunning examples of bridal lace from our collection have made it onto the bestseller list this year, with close-calls aplenty and even one or two tie-breakers. Selected products are currently available with a bonus 15% price discount for a limited time so start browsing now and find your ideal wedding lace from a sumptuous selection including:

Madeleine - Ivory Lace

If glam is your thing, as it clearly is for so many of our customers, then Madeleine is sure to fit the bill. A fine tulle has been embellished with cording and beading to create a lace that is rich with visual decadence, catching light in a subtle yet unmissable way with tasteful sequins and gold filigree thread. Get glam - meet Madeleine!

Lucy - Ivory Lace

An unusual design for a bride who likes the artistic touch, this guipure lace is composed of delicate floral motifs connected by an entrancing network of softly-curved abstract shapes. The silver metallic filigree thread and metallic clusters used in this design create a magical glittering effect that draws attention to stylish, asymmetric corded edges.

Emma - White Lace

Though wedding lace in Ivory tones was by far the most popular choice all year, there were still lots of brides opting for classic White. A guipure lace with a refined and elegant quality, Emma comprises floral designs of differing sizes, separated by classically-rendered leaves and flowerbuds. We saw lots of brides using this lace as a wedding dress embellishment - check out our online gallery to see for yourself.

Enjoy checking out our Bestsellers of 2015 - along with the tempting trio described here, there are another 20 fabulous fabrics just waiting to be discovered. Will your favorite have that extra-special 15% discount?

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