New French Chantilly

New French Chantilly

As our most recent sourcing trip was to Paris, it was inevitable that we would discover several beautiful examples of fine French Chantilly ivory lace.

As our most recent sourcing trip was to Paris, the city of romance and haute couture, it was inevitable that we would discover several beautiful examples of fine French Chantilly lace. These have now been added to our collection of ivory lace products.

Chantilly is a town in the north of France and the history of the lace which bears its name can be traced back to the 17th century. An aristocrat, the Duchess de Longueville, paid privately for a lace-manufacturing facility to be built in the town which, as it was so close to Paris where fashion was even then big business, became known for the fine quality of its production facilities and the lace that was created in them.

From then until now, the production of Chantilly lace in the town has only ever ceased once, during the time of the French Revolution. Lacemaking was seen as an art associated with Royalism and many of Chantilly’s highly-skilled lacemakers met a grisly end under the guillotine. In 1804 after the revolution was over, Napoleon I spearheaded a revival of the town’s production facilities and Chantilly lace continues to be designed and manufactured there to this day.

Adrianna ivory lace has a truly enchanting appeal, with a bold floral design highlighted with the most delicate cording. With a flowing drape, the fabric has matching edges comprising a straight edge framing a softly-scalloped border. Adrianna also features added versatility with the straight edges being easily-removable to reveal the full beauty of the underlying scallops.

A classic design with a beautifully delicate and complex mesh shot through with elegant and tasteful floral bouquets, Agnes instantly captures the imagination. The overall effect given by this gorgeously-tempting bridal lace is light, floaty and dreamy; a true inspiration.

Joining these two new ivory lace products is Cordelia, a classic Chantilly wedding lace of a rich ivory tone. Matching scalloped edges frame the glamorous design, which comprises flamboyant and extravagantly-large flowers given strong definition by expert cording.

Please enjoy browsing our new ivory wedding lace and do not hesitate to contact our experienced bridal team for further information and support. You can call us on 01254 873333 or email

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