New Dress Trims — Crystal, Feathers or Both?!

New Dress Trims — Crystal, Feathers or Both?!

Add the perfect finishing touch with crystal and feather dress trim to make all the difference between success and failure.
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Getting that perfect finishing touch to a wedding gown can make all the difference between success and failure. Dress trim - whether crystal, feathered or a daring combination of both - is often used to get the look and we have lots of new choices for you to enjoy!

Crystal Dress Trims

  • Universe - A delightful trim that uses sequins, beads, diamantés and metallic thread to create a look that is out of this world! Capture the silver of the stars and the ivory of the moon with Universe crystal dress trim, designed for a cosmic bride

  • Sacramento - An elegant, refined and tasteful display of diamantés and clear beads are uniformly arranged to create Sacramento dress trim, which has an appeal that effortlessly combines the vintage with the modern. Stylish, discerning brides will love this design

Feather Dress Trims

  • Ostrich - Long, extravagant feathers are used here, attached together along one edge for easy attachment to the bridal gown. Create a stir with this trim, which has a regal edge and a decadent swish to suit a bold, confident bride who loves attention

  • Eider - The feathers in this ivory-coloured design are shorter but no less soft and visually arresting. Ultra-feminine, this trim is beyond beautiful and will add a magical touch to any wedding dress

  • Muscovy - For a sense of whimsical, fairytale delight, nothing can quite match the unique appeal of this ivory feather trim. Everyone is ready, so let the Grand Ball begin!

  • Saxony - Perhaps the softest of all, these feathers have a fluffy texture that goes beyond tactile. A sensuous experience that will not be quickly forgotten by anyone

A Bit of Both!

  • Treasure Crystal Feather Dress Trim - For the bride who just can’t decide, we have created a trim that combines both crystal and feather elements. A careful selection of pearls, beads and diamantés gives that necessary sparkle while dramatic and exuberant ostrich feathers add the perfect final touch to this glorious wedding dress embellishment

We look forward to seeing how these trims are used in your unique wedding gowns - please send us your photographs! Check out our full range of wedding dress trim here and let your aesthetic sense be inspired, refreshed and nourished.

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