New Bridal Laces Added to our Extensive Collection

New Bridal Laces Added to our Extensive Collection

Bridal lace has always been one of our specialities at Bridal Fabrics; we have an extensive range and probably the largest selection within the UK.
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Bridal lace has always been one of our specialities at Bridal Fabrics; we have an extensive range of bridal lace available and probably the largest selection within the UK. With this in mind we have now widened this choice and added even more bridal lace to our range.

In total fourteen additional bridal laces have been sourced and added to our range -  these will be available within the next month for our customers to purchase. Below we explain what they are called and what they are like:

  • Adele Lace offers something a little different to our customers in that it has a base fabric which is made from fine, almost invisible tulle an. A fine thread has then been used to embroider onto the tulle and this will almost be invisible when the lace is over the base fabric.
  • Caitlin Lace is an ideal bridal lace for a wedding dress because it is extremely romantic. Featuring beaded and sequined flowers and hearts on a very fine tulle ground this is truly attention grabbing. Many of the details have been carefully highlighted using a silver thread.
  • Deborah Lace is perhaps one of the more unusual laces to join our collection. It features raised flowers and leaves and these are embellished with sequins and beads. A non-regular delicate thread has been used during manufacture and this has been woven into an almost invisible tulle fabric.
  • Jennifer Lace is again an unusual bridal lace however; this can be used to create a romantic rippling effect ideal for creating ruffles. This bridal lace features flower designs which have then been embellished with beading to add a finishing touch.
  • Katherine Lace has a flower and leaf design and is very lightweight. It’s simple yet highly decorative because of the detailed embroidery. The symmetrical edges of this bridal lace are scalloped with a delicate fringe extending for 5-6 mm. 
  • Layla Lace is extremely bold and striking with its defined flowers and spiral background, this is a bridal lace which will get attention. It has been embellished with crystals and beading for that added special touch. Featuring a fringed edge which is similar to the Katherine Lace it would be an ideal choice for a wedding gown.
  • Matilda Lace features a series of abstract flowers on open French Lace style ground and each of these abstract flowers have been heavily embellished with beads and sequins. Within the flower design there are petals and these have been outlined with fine cording as have been some of the leaves. It has been bordered with a scalloped edge on both sides of the bridal lace.
  • Natalie Lace is a corded lace which has been woven onto open tulle ground and features magnificent floral flowers extending onto the body of the lace. The edging of this lace has been scalloped and this adds a romantic wave to the bottom of the lace.
  • Nikita Lace is the lace with the WOW factor! It’s our first lace at Bridal Fabrics to feature feathers. Each motif on the lace has a series of feathers which radiate out from the centre. These have been attached using embellishments of pearls and beadings. The leaves of the flower designs have been shaded with embroidery and further sequin embellishments added. A fantastic bridal lace this has to be seen to be really appreciated.
  • Simone Lace is extremely special in that it features a three dimensional aspect; the flowers have been created from gathered tulle and the design incorporates diamantes, tubular pearl coloured beads, sequins and heavy cording on a medium weight tulle ground. This particular bridal lace would be ideal for use on a bridal gown of someone who wants to be noticed!  
  • Abigail Lace is a delicate guipure lace which features finely detailed flowers which have been interwoven with more traditional guipure weight of cord. The edges of this lace are symmetrical and have a delicate scalloped edge which has been composed of tiny little loops.
  • Eva Lace has been composed of a spiral motif and a flower with leaves motif. It is an open design and so wouldn’t be suitable for use over a sheer fabric. It has matching borders and the edging features the leaves of the flowers adding a non-straight edge.
  • Penelope Lace is one of our personal favourites and it features a flower design with sepal type baubles. The flowers on this design measure around 4.8cm from point to point and the border of this bridal lace matches the main body. The flowers feature cut out petals and thus it wouldn’t be suitable for use over a sheer fabric.
  • Phoebe Lace is very similar to Penelope Lace featuring a flower design which has cut outs and thus isn’t suitable for use with a sheer fabric. It looks extremely delicate and has identical borders. This is a beautiful bridal lace and would look extremely stunning on any bridal gown.

Bridal Fabrics as mentioned are the leading supplier of bridal lace; we have our expert team on hand to offer help and guidance to our customers. Contact us today and come and see our vast selection of bridal lace as well as our other bridal fabrics.

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