New Bridal Laces Add to Our Collection!

Our managing director has recently visited Paris to source new lace and fabrics to add to our collection. We were delighted with the new bridlallace designs available in 2012. After meeting with a number of manufacturers, we made the decision to add six new bridal laces to our collection and we believe these have something different to offer to our customers than those which are already available within our vast collection.

All of the new additions to our collection are available in ivory and measure 132cms wide. The first three laces which we added to the collection make up what is known as “Raschel” Laces. These are known for being extremely light weight with finer details and are liked because of their femininity. The laces which we have added are the Katherine Lace, Melanie Lace and the Holly Lace.

The next lace which we selected was a sequined and corded lace and was extremely eye-catching due to its elegant tiers which have been joined at even intervals by the cording. This is a fantastic lace and could also be used for a matching edge. We will have this added to our collection shortly and this will be known as Jennifer Lace.

One of our favourite types of laces is the ones which fall into the Guipure Lace category. It is sometimes known as Venetian Lace and is known for being the most elegant of all lace qualities. We couldn’t come back without having some new Guipure Laces to add to our collection. Duncan took a look at a number of laces but decided on a sequinned lace which will be in our collection under Layla Lace.

Another item which we added to the Guipure Lace collection was one which we found to be extremely well balanced but it had a striking retro flower and leaf pattern. It is this type of patterning which many brides seek because they want something different and stunning for their wedding dress design. It is their special day where they want to take centre of attention.

By the end of March we will have a number of short lengths of these laces which will be in stock so customers can order samples and then they will be ready for despatch towards the end of May when wedding dress making is prime time.

For more information about any of the bridal laces then please do not hesitate to contact us on 01254 873333 or email