New Appliques Ranges: Dorado, Mimosa, Columba

We are pleased to add to our already extensive range the following:

All are in stock and available in small quantities ex stock.



Dorado was added to our range in July 2012 and is a stylish diamond shaped applique, measuring 14.5cms tall and 8.5cms wide. The predominant colour is ivory, although some of the central beads have a tinge of champagne. Delicate Crepe petals have been sewn on, which are further embellished with a variety of different beads. The whole design sits on a background of tulle and elegant cording.

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Mimosa Appliques are supplied in symmetrical pairs and were added to our range in July 2012. The design comprises of a silver filigree thread outlining flowers and leaves.

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Columba was added to our range in July 2012 and is supplied in symmetrical pairs. Each motif measures 29.5cms tall and 13.8cms wide and is ivory in colour. These appliques are highly embellished with laser cut flowers in satin and georgette. The ground is a delicate tulle, onto which are embroidered beaded, silver filigree detail, and sythetic pearls.

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