Mother of the Bride Shines with our Wedding Dress Embellishments

Mother of the Bride Shines with our Wedding Dress Embellishments

The dress in these photos features two of our most divine wedding dress embellishments
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It is not only the bride who deserves to shine on her wedding day - don’t forget Mum too! In these pictures, we can see a beautiful dress created with our wedding dress embellishments by Patchii’s Designs for an attractive mother-of-the-bride, who we think wore it very well indeed!

Patchii has been purchasing from our extensive selection of fabrics since 2010, when we were recommended to her by a staff member at a renowned silk supplier. She told us that she “takes a lot of advice from the Bridal Fabrics team because they know the stock so well”. When commissioned to create this dress for the mother-of-the-bride, Patchii began working on designs with lots of input from the customer, as she believes that they should always be involved in the design and making process.

After calling our expert team and explaining the design and chosen colour palette, Patchii was sent a selection of embellishment samples to show the customer for approval. From the selection, Delta Crystal Embroidery in Ivory and Lynx Ivory Lace Appliques were decided upon for the final wedding day gown.

  • Lynx - a vibrant, shimmering design loaded with lustrous beads and high-shine sequins, Lynx makes extensive use of silver filigree thread to astonishing, breathtaking effect. Embroidered onto the softest of ivory tulles, these ivory lace appliques are quickly and easily attached to the dress yet deliver the most striking result

  • Delta - a piece of crystal embroidery with a similar shape to Lynx yet a beauty all of its own, Delta benefits from heavy embellishment in the form of sequins, beads and glittering diamantés. A floral design is highlighted with metallic thread to complete the perfect embellishment and Delta can also be purchased in White

Patchii said about us: “They are my first choice every time. Bridal fabrics has the best selection of fabrics and the quality of the stock is the best in the Uk. They have amazing staff with excellent stock knowledge and are extremely helpful which makes my job easier. I regularly recommend Bridal Fabrics because of the quality and their selection of their stock.” It’s our pleasure, Patchii!

We would like to thank Patchii for sharing her story and to Younger Photography for permission to reproduce these pictures. Check out more of Patchii’s work on her Facebook page and contact us today to hear about our latest wedding dress fabrics..

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