More New Crystal Wedding Dress Embellishments

We hope you have enjoyed browsing the latest crystal embroideries that have been added to the eclectic Platinum Bridal Fabrics selection. Our last article featured details of some of the new wedding dress embellishments and here we present several more for you to discover.

Aquila takes its name from the Latin word for ‘eagle’ and the motif perfectly captures the beauty and majesty of the rare bird with its dramatic sweeping wings. Wonderfully metallic, the design is embellished with pearls and beads which surround a large central diamante.

The simple asymmetric teardrop shape of Jedi crystal embroidery belies the complexity of its rendering, which utilises an extensive selection of materials including beads, gauze, pearls, filigree wiring and diamantes. Ideal for embellishing the wedding dress at the hip or belt, Jedi crystal embroidery shimmers with glamour and style.

Bold and beautiful, Greco crystal embroidery has an attractive shell shape which is embellished in sections. Swirls of beads and diamantes radiate around large central pearls to create a glistening and lustrous effect which is further enhanced by filigree and gauze; this asymmetric design is a real show-stopper.

Astrantia, the Greek word for ‘star’, is the perfect name for our next crystal embroidery. With a slim diamond-like shape that features undulating edges, this wedding dress embellishment is ideal for use at the waistline of the bridal gown. A particularly glamorous crystal embroidery, Astrantia makes expert use of sequins and chiffon in its esoteric design.

One of our more unusual designs is Aster, which has no clearly-defined top or bottom. This allows for creative use as the motif, which is composed of chiffon flowers embellished with filigree, pearls, diamantes and beads, can be sewn onto the bridal dress in any desired position. The design has an overall ivory tone though is also shot through with edges of white and silver.

Daring and dramatic, Muscari crystal embellishments have an elongated teardrop shape which is centred with a large diamante. This central stone is circled by smaller diamantes which give way to symmetrical wings that have been heavily beaded and further decorated with dazzling sequins.

Please enjoy browsing our new crystal wedding dress embellishments. For more information on our extensive range of wedding fabrics, please contact our team on 01254 873333 or email