More Barcelona Bridal News — What is the TOP Trend..?

More Barcelona Bridal News — What is the TOP Trend..?

We are doubly excited to present Part Two of the special feature of the Bridal Fabrics Barcelona Bridal Report...
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Wow! Your response to the first part of our Barcelona Bridal Week article has been amazing and we are loving the combinations of wedding fabric you have been buying to turn into the latest generation of trendy couture classics. So we are doubly excited to present Part Two of the special feature, in which we reveal the final five Top Trends for 2016 article - get ready to be Couture Classified with our Bridal Guide!

Check out Part One of our article for the 2-letter key to the talented designers who made the best of each trend. Who is rocking your unique universe for next season?

Up & Down...

There seemed to be a lot of ‘I-Want-It-All’ going on at Barcelona Bridal Week 2016; designers couldn’t quite seem to decide which of two extremes they wanted and so opulently combined both to satisfy their creative cravings. Nowhere was this trend more visible than in hi-lo hemlines, sweeping dramatically to the floor at the back and climbing daringly high at the front to reveal the season’s sexiest shoes.

Hot Property at YC, IG, CM, IZ

...Down & Up!

Taking the waist as low as they could go was getting designers all excited, combined with a skirt that took volume to the extreme. Some of the most beautiful silhouettes seen on the catwalk used this flattering juxtaposition.

Hot Property at IG, IZ

Pure Drama…

Fiery passion is in the Spanish Blood and enriches all aspects of the culture from the spicy, colourful foods to the stirring, dramatic traditional music. Raging unbridled throughout the couture world as well, the drama was in full evidence with some of the hugest skirts we have seen - some of the catwalks seemed in danger of not being able to contain the swishing, sashaying expanses of divine wedding dress fabrics.

Hot Property at JP, CM

...Sheer Glamour!

Mid-length dresses were all over the catwalks, as the best-of-both-worlds trend continued. The tea-length dress is making a real comeback and looked the best when combined with vintage lace and wedding dress embellishments.

Hot Property at YC, IG, RC

Sparkling, Shimmering, Spectacular

If you want all the attention (and of course you do!) then make it metallic - that’s the message that all the designers were giving loud-and-clear for the coming seasons. This is our HOTTEST TREND so check out some of our finest metallic lace and get the look for your 2016 wedding!

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