Metallic Lace - A Dazzling Display

Metallic Lace - A Dazzling Display

Platinum Bridal Fabrics are extremely excited to introduce our dazzling new range of metallic laces.
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Platinum Bridal Fabrics are extremely excited to introduce our dazzling new range of metallic laces. Bold, vibrant and dramatic, these exuberant fabrics will allow designers to create spectacular wedding dresses, ball gowns, evening wear and theatrical costumes that are works of art in their own right. Although highly contemporary, our selection of metallic laces still retains a subtle vintage lace quality that makes them incredibly versatile.

Kate is an extravagantly-beautiful gold Chantilly lace on a fairly open black tulle ground. A single edge, gently scalloped, frames the motif, which comprises an elegantly-shaded floral bouquet. Rising more than 20 inches from the lace’s delicate border, a striking and magnificent floral decoration is surrounded by eye-catching foliage designs. This lace has a very regal quality, one of the reasons that it was one of the four laces used to create Kate Middleton’s Royal Wedding Dress.

One of our more glamorous laces is Harper, a French Chantilly lace that is now available with gorgeous gold detail on a soft ivory tulle. Rose motifs, alternately shaded and highlighted, dominate this enticing lace, which has an extremely lightweight and feminine handle. Symmetrical edges are softly scalloped, completing Harper lace.

Natasha lace, delicate and tactile, features lightly corded floral motifs and symmetrical borders. A beautifully-soft golden thread has been expertly woven into tulle of either gold or black, creating a fantastic effect that makes Natasha one of our most exciting metallic laces.

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