Meet Porscha and Kiri

One of the most popular sections on the Bridal Fabrics website offers exclusive access to the newest lace designs we have in stock, all of which are sourced from the finest fashion houses in the trendiest cities. Our recent sourcing trip to Paris was highly successful and we have several gorgeous new designs, which will appear on the website during the coming weeks. Fancy a sneaky peek?

Of course you do. Courtesy of our always amazing bridal experts, who have chosen some equally amazing new designs, we bring you Porscha and Kiri. Both designs are going to give you a delightful take-my-breath-away shock so make sure you’re sitting down!

Porscha Ivory Lace

Pure delight, this glorious and ultra feminine lace creates an almost cloudlike effect, buoyant with exuberant excitement. The material is incredibly light, a fact which belies its luxurious drape.

Embellishing this excellent example of bridal lace is one of the latest looks; large 3d flowers attached to the fabric in a similar way to the still-popular feather lace designs. The light yet strong fabric holds the flowers firmly in place, giving the lace a natural, organic look that is currently all over the haute couture catwalks of the world.

Kiri Ivory lace

A taste for the luxurious is always in evidence in bridal fashion and Kiri is a fine example. The lace is formed in a geometric mesh design, which creates an inviting and evocative shape to the body, its firm lines hypnotically repeating.

A rich selection of floral embellishments adds a charming, almost vintage style feel to this beautiful backing. The designers has carefully interwoven floral motifs throughout the body of the lace, which harmonise with the clean, futuristic lines of the lace.

These laces are so new that we can only offer them for pre-order and they will not be available until next year. You can grab yourself a small free sample or get a premium sample for a small charge: while stocks last!

If you want a sample of this exclusive lace then check out the product pages today and don’t delay.