Marvellous March - Get 15% Off Bridal Fabrics!

Marvellous March - Get 15% Off Bridal Fabrics!

We have created a truly sensational set of bridal fabrics for Spring - go ahead and view the full collection.

We know that our monthly exclusive offers are always popular but you have gone mad for March this year! It seems we have (in our own humble opinion!) created a truly sensational set of bridal fabrics and we can’t wait to see the gorgeous gowns and divine dresses we know our customers are capable of creating. Which wedding dress materials will you choose to save a cheeky 15% on? Here are some ideas to choose from…

Crystal Dress Trim - Capricorn

This is one for the classy lady with a taste for the exceptional. A unique, shimmering pattern is created by our designer’s expert placing of tubular silver beads, opaque sequins and diamantés and the crystal edging has a generous width of 3cm. Use to add sparkle, magic and light to every element of your dream wedding.

Crystal Embroidery - Aries

Sticking with an astrological theme, we are proud to present Aries, a sumptuous piece of crystal embroidery designed to command attention. Aries centres on a cluster of diamantés artfully arranged to form a pretty floral bouquet, surrounded by radiating arms decorated with tubular beads, filigree thread and both clear and silver sequins. A real talking-point, this gorgeous wedding dress embellishment works perfectly with vintage lace styles.

Ivory Lace Appliqués - Poppy

Poppy comprises a perfect little pair of lace appliqués, each of which is formed from embellished fabric - diamantés, pearls and beads jostle playfully for position. An ivory tulle base means attaching them to the wedding gown is quick and simple, giving a sweet and feminine look that is perfect for the Spring season.

Ivory Lace - Madeleine

Exclusively available in Ivory, this is a truly glamorous border lace featuring a skilful combination of beading and cording woven onto the finest of tulle grounds. Various floral motifs are formed from luxurious gold filigree and ivory threads, along with a choice selection of beads and sequins to tastefully capture and reflect light. Madeleine is, put simply, a queen of fabrics.

There are lots more wedding fabrics to choose from in our selection of March special offers - go ahead and view the full collection.

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