Look into Our Crystal Trims...

Crystal, both real and simulated, is an extremely versatile substance. Its many various types, forms and styles mean that it finds lots of places in our lives, from ornaments and drinking glasses and, of course, clothing. Crystal is particularly effective when used as a trimming component of the wedding gown and here are three breathtaking ideas to inspire you.

crystal-trim-raquel-newsCrystal Dress Trim: Raquel

Raquel Crystal Dress Trim is stylish and sophisticated, comprising a trio of rectangles that sit together across its width.

Our designer has set the sparkling tone right away with the careful use of fine silver filigree.

Small diamantes are then lovingly attached in all the right places, working in combination with the thread to produce a dazzling effect.

crystal-dress-trim-photon-newsPhoton Crystal Dress Trim

The Greek word 'photos' means, quite simply, 'light' and forms the base root of the word 'photograph' or 'light-picture', among others.

A photon is a particle of light and has immense energy, which makes it the perfect name for this elegant crystal trim. The slim width of just 1cm belies just how effective this piece is at catching and transforming light; a combination of delicate small beads and larger tubular beads produce uniquely beautiful effects.

Its fine tulle base makes attaching the trim to a wedding or evening gown a matter of simplicity.

kate-owen-wedding-newsSolario Crystal Dress Trim

A generous maximum width of tulle measuring 5cm creates the perfect canvas for myriad diamantes and beads.

The combined effect of this pairing is simply too good to be believed but, when you set your eyes on it for real, you'll be an instant believer! 

If you want to add a touch (or more!) of sparkle to a wedding gown, then crystal dress trim is the fast, cost-effective and reliable way