Lace, Tulle and Chiffon - A Dream Bridal Dress

Lace, Tulle and Chiffon - A Dream Bridal Dress

Our bride called this dress “a shimmering delight”!
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We can’t find better words to describe the dress in these photographs than those the bride used herself - “a shimmering delight”! With a name as pretty and as feminine as the dress she wore on her big day, bride Anastasia spent more than a year selecting exactly the right fabrics to create her dream dress and, with plenty of expert assistance from the Platinum Bridal Fabrics team and the remarkable talents of dressmaker Maria Emmanouel, achieved the perfect result.

Upon discovering the Platinum Bridal Fabrics website, Anastasia found us to be the only place where she could find lace fabrics along with their coordinating lace trims and appliqués. The then bride-to-be became interested in tulle and chiffon and called our team for advice as well as extensively browsing the detailed, close-up and HD images of our superlative wedding dress fabrics - these she found “really help(ed) a lot to make a decision”.

To create her dream dress, Anastasia chose Alexandra Ivory Lace with matching lace trim and appliqués along with Superba Silk Chiffon and Sparkle Ivory Tulle.

Alexandra Ivory Lace

Chosen for its gorgeous beading and subtle yet unmissable sparkle, Alexandra Ivory Lace along with matching lace appliqués and trim formed the basis of the bridal dress. The lace is a consistently popular choice and, also available in a full rainbow of colours, is embellished with beads, diamantés and sequins to enhance its gorgeous floral motifs.

Superba Ivory Silk Chiffon

Smooth, tactile and lustrous, this lightweight bridal fabric always adds a touch of elegance to a wedding gown. Delicate and diaphanous, it can be a somewhat difficult fabric to work with but, in the deft and talented hands of Anastasia’s dressmaker, the chiffon was expertly seamed together with the lace to create the fabulous skirt.

Sparkle Ivory Tulle

Also available in classic white, this provocatively bold and instantly eye-catching wedding fabric is soft to the touch and comprises a glittering mesh of diamond-shaped holes. Sparkle tulle is a very versatile fabric - Anastasia’s show-stopping veil was a perfect use and brought the final flourish to a uniquely-beautiful, painstakingly-designed wedding gown.

We asked Anastasia if she would kindly sum up her experience of working together with Platinum Bridal Fabrics. She responded by saying that, “the fabrics are of excellent quality, very affordable and the people at Bridal Fabrics will answer any question you have in no time”. She also added that she would “recommend Bridal Fabrics to all the brides who want to create their wedding dress from scratch”.

Anastasia loved her dress so much that she tells us, “I am waiting for the next big occasion in the family so I can try the coloured lace this time!”.

We would like to thank Anastasia for sharing her photographs and story with us. Please keep sending us your own images and stories - your pictures will appear in our exciting online gallery and our favourite creations could feature in their very own news article, a great way of boosting your profile if you are a wedding dress designer.

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