Lace Appliqué - Our Favourite Three!

Lace Appliqué - Our Favourite Three!

Immerse yourself in the Platinum Bridal Fabrics selection of lace appliqué!

Lace appliqués are designed to be attached, usually by sewing, to the tulle or netting of the bridal gown. The gorgeous symmetrical pairs are extraordinarily decorative and, whether hand- or machine-made, are also perfect for creating a range of unique accessories such as shoes, handbags and bridal jewellery. Immerse yourself in the Platinum Bridal Fabrics selection of lace appliqué!

Platinum Bridal Fabrics stock 60 different varieties of the gorgeous wedding dress embellishments, each with its own particular verve and style. Use our powerful cross-referenced search facility to find your ideal lace appliqué; you can search by colour, style, price and type as well as viewing our complete selection for those of you who just aren’t sure what they want and desire to be inspired!

Our three favourite lace appliqués are:


This ivory lace appliqué is a premium choice for an extremely lucky bride. Each of the appliqués in the pair measures a full 30cm in length and 14cm in width, making these wedding dress embellishments big, bold and insanely attractive. Our designer has chosen to throw frugality out of the window, selecting an exciting and extensive range of pale sequins, rich pearls and exquisite beads to decorate these stunning lace appliqués.


Featuring an eclectic selection of embroidery and cording techniques, Utah ivory lace appliqués are a delight to behold. Immediately catching the eye is a tightly-knit cluster of pearls, centering on a richly-glittering diamanté, which gives way to ranked adornments of sequins and beads. This motif has been expressly designed to complement Daisy wedding lace, though is versatile enough to match with many of our wedding dress fabrics.


Available in both white and ivory, Delta lace appliqué is a heavily-embellished motif that utilises complex beading, carefully-placed diamantés and light-catching sequins to achieve its exceptionally-beautiful effects. A pair of mesmerisingly-rendered flowers dominates this wedding dress embellishment, each centred on a large diamanté and surrounded by foliage which has been highlighted with smaller gems. To add further excitement, metallic silver thread has been used to bring extra attention to selected areas of the fabric..

These are just three of the many stunning examples of lace appliqué that are available from Platinum Bridal Fabrics. 

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