Jessica Lace Transformed Into Stunning Gown

Jessica Lace Transformed Into Stunning Gown

A wedding is perhaps the most stressful yet exciting event within both the bride and groom's lives.
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It’s that special day which many women dream about even when they are a little girl! A wedding is perhaps the most stressful yet exciting event within both the bride and groom's lives. As a bride you want to have a unique dress which is not only eye-catching but also has to be absolutely stunning and thus much thought goes into the selection of appropriate bridal fabrics and laces.

Brides come to Platinum Bridal Fabrics on a  regular basis; they are accompanied by their gleaming grooms and in their hands they hold their designs and ideas in regard to the dream wedding dress.

Most recently we were able to help Becky Pinkard, who wanted to design a stunning wedding that would be a total one off, which spoke of luxury, panache and texture. She was keen on beads and detail, possibly with some gold/champagne detail.

She wanted to use a lace with beads and an ornate border. We advised her to use Jessica, which has a gold thread running throughout and is highly decorated.

After careful consideration of exactly what Becky wanted, a member of our highly experienced team showed her a selection of our fabrics which we had available. The laces which we felt were most appropriate to her design were Alexandra, Chloe, Jessica, Lauren, Sophia and Victoria. These designs are all heavily embellished with beading and we felt would fulfill her criteria.

When all the information and bridal fabrics which we had on offer had been presented to her she decided to choose Jessica.

With the finalisation of these fabric selections, we once again called on our experience to specify just how many meters she would need. Platinum Bridal Fabrics then selected the most appropriate interlinings and linings for her so that her wedding dress lining would match into her carefully chosen fabric. Attention to detail is something which we take extremely seriously.

It was then down to the dress maker to make the design on the paper in her hand and the fabric purchased from Platinum Bridal Fabrics come to life and create her perfect wedding dress. As you can see from the photos the end results were outstanding.

This goes to prove just how important it is to select your bridal fabric from a reputable supplier who can help you every single step of the way and make planning and design  of your wedding dress as perfect as you would hope for.

For more information on how we can help you select the most appropriate material for your wedding dress then please contact us on 01254 873333 or email

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