Ivory Lace Trim and Appliqués - Our Newest Fabrics

It is always an exciting time when we receive the new wedding dress fabrics we have ordered, bringing everyone into the office to unwrap the new products like kids at Christmas! The most recent time in late August 2014 was no exception, as we received five new styles of lace trim and lace appliqués, which have now been added to our American-themed collection.

Kentucky Ivory Lace Trim

With a particularly-narrow width of just 3cm, this Kentucky ivory wedding dress embellishment is subtle, delicate and ethereal. A repeating pattern of bead clusters, each topped with a sparkly sequin, marches stridently along the length of this lace trim, which has fringed, asymmetrical sides.

Wisconsin Ivory Lace Trim

Heading straight to the other extreme in terms of width is Wisconsin, an ivory lace edging that sweeps outwardly to a gracious 10.5cm. Fringed and scalloped symmetrically on both sides in the vintage lace style, Wisconsin has a corded lace pattern of flowers that are embellished with sequins, beads and pearls.

Virginia Ivory Lace Appliqués

Beads, sequins and pearls embellish these wonderful wedding dress embellishments. Supplied as sets of two, Virginia lace appliqués are made to seem even bigger than they with the addition of a various mixture of quality beads, sequins and pearl strings.

Utah Ivory Lace Appliqué

Their rich ivory colouration, corded and embroidered with a repeating floral pattern centred with glittering diamantés, makes Utah lace appliqués incredibly eye-catching, a fact that is enhanced by their abstract shape. Our designer has let their glitzy side run free in this creation, which glistens throughout with beads, sequins, pearls and diamantés

Alaska Ivory Lace Flower Appliqué

Alaska is known as the Land of the Midnight Sun (or also as the Land of the Noonday Moon!) which lends it an evocative air. Equally evocative are Alaska lace appliqués, each of which comprises a perfect pair of differently-sized flowers. These flowers, the petals of which are formed from incredibly lightweight matt satin, each feature a diamanté romantically encircled in a ring of pearls.

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