Inspired by America – New Crystal Embroidery

For any bride-to-be planning on a summer wedding, a piece of creatively-placed crystal embroidery on the wedding gown is an absolute must. These gorgeous wedding dress embellishments are especially designed to catch light, particularly the strong and direct sunlight of a summer day, before reflecting and refracting it to a dazzling effect. We are excited to announce the addition of several brand new crystal motifs, each inspired by and so named after a different American state.

Florida is known as the 'Sunshine State' and our first new crystal embroidery of the same name is perfectly designed to make the most of summer sunlight. Highly eye-catching, the Florida crystal dress motif is formed from an easily-sewable ivory tulle that has been expertly and extravagantly decorated with beads and diamantes. Perhaps the most exquisite part of the design is provided by individually-stylised sequins that glimmer evocatively.

Our next new crystal motif is Idaho, a long, slim and stylish embellishment. Idaho is popularly referred to as the 'Gem State' and is the perfect name for this glittering motif which features a specially-selected variety of beads and diamante gems. Due to its elegant, minimal shape, Idaho is ideal for using at the waist or just beneath the bust, offering a charming focal point.

Montana, the 'Treasure State', is the name of our next new crystal embroidery. Truly an item of great beauty that should be treasured, the Montana embellishment is simply delightful with its divine array of glittering crystals. A large central area gives way to a gradually-tapering belt, creating an unusual and quirky yet undeniably gorgeous effect.

Texas is the 'Lone Star State' and any bride choosing it is sure to be the one true star of her wedding. With a dynamic winged shape that extends dramatically outwards from a single central flower, the Texas crystal motif is exciting, luxuriant and unique. The beads and diamantes of the design are shot through with fine silver wire, adding even more extravagant glamour to this one-off motif.

Please enjoy browsing the full range of our brand new American-inspired crystal motifs and do not hesitate to contact our team on 01254 873333 or by email at if you need any further information.