How to Own the Sunshine...

How to Own the Sunshine...

Crystal embroidery is just SO Spring

Spring is just about our favorite season here at Bridal Fabrics and so we are totally in our element right now. There’s just something so special about the quality of the light and the freshness in the air that gets our finely-tuned aesthetic sensibilities going! Though each state of the US experiences the seasons differently, the springtime seems to be pretty popular with everybody. Check out some of our crystallised dress motifs to put a spring of bling in YOUR step…

When the light is as sweet as it gets, then you need to capture some of it. The perfect spring sunshine will find a natural, immediate and intensely welcoming home as it reaches the crystals in your favorite motif: but only for a moment. Refracting, reflecting and generally having a whale of a time at light speed, that sunshine is straight back out of the crystals with a touch more pizazz than it entered with. Not to worry; springtime has bags of sunshine so your crystals will be aglow constantly.

You often hear that a bride looks ‘radiant’ and of course everybody knows about the proverbial blushing bride. With a carefully-chosen crystalised dress motif that is just right for your dream dress, you are going to take radiant to the next level and way, way beyond. Just make sure you don’t rival the very sun himself!

Aquarius Crystal Embroidery

The age of Aquarius may have dawned way back in the 70s, but now you can have your very own as the soft spring light reveals you as a bewitching, hypnotic vision. Dawn might be a little too early for everyone to get up, even on your wedding day, but you will of course be wide awake enjoying a private moment of pure excitement and happiness at the day soon to unfold.

Constellation Crystal Embroidery

Never mind being the star of the show, when you step out with this as part of your outfit then you are going to be a whole galaxy of crystalline beams. Radiating light in a unique way that is at once intense and subtle, Constellation will lie at the heart of the star-cloud you inhabit.

It’s time to discover YOUR perfect crystal embroidery… are you ready? Click HERE.

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