How to Look Heavenly!

How to Look Heavenly!

Just become an angel with feather trim...

If there’s any place to get wedding dress inspiration online, it’s got to be the Rock My Wedding blog,, which is gaining in popularity all the time as more and more people flock to the fabulousness! We are always having a sneaky look to see what’s new on the blog and a very attractive gown recently caught our eye…

As soon as we saw it, we knew that this gown had to be the work of a very talented designer with lots of experience. When we found out that the designer was Lisa Keating, it all clicked into place as Lisa has been a customer of ours for many years. She utilises a careful selection of our fabrics as part of her bespoke dress design service, which is operated from her website at LisaKeating.

A significant proportion of brides-to-be want their dress to be absolutely unique, designed for them and only them. The service offered by experienced designers like Lisa is there to oblige and is a world away from the off-the-peg bridal shop dress experience. Every bride is made to feel confident, beautiful and special as Lisa chats informally with them, blending her own ideas with the customer’s to create an enchanting, unique gown for each.

The gown featured on Rock My Wedding is a perfect example of Lisa’s work and is inspired by the 1920s era, when sophistication was standard. Angel wings were added to give that heavenly feeling and all of the shapes are authentic to the era, having been thoroughly researched by Lisa as preliminary work to making the dress.

For many years, Lisa has been sourcing her fabrics from us and said that she likes our customer service and the family-business feeling we have. Thanks Lisa,; we’re just doing our job and now we’re blushing!

The angel look is an enchanting one and is thus perfect for brides. If this gown has inspired you to add a bit of heaven to the wedding scene, then you can check out our feather trims HERE and enjoy a wide selection guaranteed to deliver that angelic appearance. We would love to see what YOU create so please send your photos to us and you could feature in your own article here in these pages!

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