Hot Five Trends for Wedding Dress Design

Hot Five Trends for Wedding Dress Design

Platinum Bridal Fabrics is very fortunate to work with a large number of brides and dress makers.
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Platinum Bridal Fabrics is very fortunate to work with a large  number of brides  and dress makers, helping them with advice and guidance whilst selecting their bridal fabrics and better still, we get glimpses of their designs. From these we have compiled a list of hot trends which are appearing in a number of wedding dress designs we see.

Whether you are designing it yourself or having someone design your dress for you, it is ultimately your decision about how you want your dress to be. Of course everyone wants their dress to be unique and eye-catching making you the centre of attention, but the following hot trends just keep on appearing:

Romantic Frills

Many of the brides we see have Disney inspired, fairy-princess style dresses with lots of frills and layers which add a really romantic feel to the dress. Frills and ruffles can be imitated using Ribbon Lace are something which people just haven’t got bored of and most recently we had a bride come to us with a wedding dress design inspired by Disney where there were actually eight layers of romantic frills to the skirt.


When you think of weddings and the types of embellishments and beading that would be present on bridal fabric then you think of pearls. They have always been popular and when sewn into bridal lace they can really add that finishing touch.

Crystal Embellishments

Similar to the pearls which we see there are a number of brides who are choosing to add that special touch to their dresses by choosing crystal embellished fabrics. These can as mentioned add that final touch to a dress and that little bit of glitz and magic as they twinkle every time they catch the light. There can be full pieces of crystal embellished fabrics or some brides choose to keep it a bit more low key by using crystal edgings.

Bridal Lace

Following the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton where she stepped out in a stunning wedding dress featuring bridal lace we have seen a increase in the number of brides who are now opting to implement bridal lace into their wedding dress design. We have one of the largest selections of bridal lace within the UK as well as lace appliqués to match.

Striking Bodices

Recently brides have been focusing on the bodice part to their dress in order to try and make it as decorative as possible. We have some striking fabrics in our bodice brocades range and these are absolutely stunning and well worth coming to take a look at. They are lightweight and woven in Lancashire.

Have you spotted any trends in wedding dress design that just never disappear? Why not tell us about them and if you are looking for fabrics in order to create your dream wedding dress then make sure you come to Bridal Fabrics.

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