High Neck Wedding Gowns: Embellish with Confidence

High Neck Wedding Gowns: Embellish with Confidence

High necks are a big bridal trend so check out these appliques

One of the current emerging bridal trends that is big news at the moment is the high-necked gown: the look is stylish, refined, elegant and sophisticated. Here at Bridal Fabrics, as well as our vast collection of tulles, lace fabrics and other wedding dress material, we also supply a collection of delightful appliques, many of which can be used to add drama and textural excitement to the high neck of a wedding gown.

Umbriel: Crystal Neckline Embroidery

Named after one of the moons of the planet Uranus, which in turn is named after the character of a sprite in a famous poem by Alexander Pope, Umbriel is a mysterious, evocative and profoundly beautiful applique. Complex patterns swirl together into a harmonic whole, emphasised with pearls, beads and dazzling diamante detail.

Crystal Embroidery - Umbriel

Radiant: Crystal Neckline Embroidery

The wearer of this striking, bold applique will feel just as radiant as the name suggests. An unusual style, in which straight, geometric lines of embellishments are artfully arranged to form the appearance of a curved structure, makes this applique really catch the eye. The overall shape lends itself perfectly to fitting at the neckline of a unique wedding dress.

Crystal Neckline Embroidery - Radiant

Cupid: Crystal Embroidery

In the stories of classical Roman mythology, Cupid was the god of attraction and so it's the perfect name for this attractive crystal embellishment. Onto a tulle background, diamantes, beads and pearls are sewn into a stunning V-shaped arrangement that will ideally fit at the neckline of a wedding dress or bodice.

Crystal Motif - Cupid

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