Heaven is Missing an Angel...

Heaven is Missing an Angel...

But it's ok, we have found her!
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If you don’t already know about the Rock My Wedding blog, then you’re late to the party! But you’ll still be made most welcome and, if you’re looking for inspiration, you’ll find it by the metre with an astounding array of gowns featuring in its eye-poppingly pretty pages. We got in touch with the designer of one of these gowns that caught our attention…

Lisa Keating is a dress designer with more than 35 years of experience. She currently runs the website LisaKeating, which attracts brides with a real desire for luxury and sense of individuality; using her talent and understanding of both personality and fabrics, she creates each dress around the particular client, weaving a magical experience for them.

Our team of bridal experts know a good, classic bespoke gown when they see one and we were not surprised to find that the designer was an old friend of Platinum Bridal Fabrics when we looked her up. Lisa knew us many years ago as simply ‘Weister’s’ when she was working as the head of design at Alexandra Workwear in what she calls her ‘corporate clothing days’ and has been regularly buying fabric from us to create her dream gowns.

The gown featured in the Rock My Wedding blog is inspired by the classic sophistication of the 1920s, with the angel wings adding a uniquely beautiful touch. The fabric and trim worked perfectly with the embroidered wing shapes and feathers, making the gown truly heavenly. After researching into the shapes and styles of the era, Lisa designed the gown and cape, created the pattern and set to work using our fabrics and her talents to create something out of this world.

Lisa told us that she has always enjoyed her experience with Platinum Bridal Fabrics, and particularly our ‘family-type friendly business’ which keeps her coming back for more and more fabrics! We are proud to supply to such a talented designer.

If you are inspired by the angelic look, check out our feather trims!

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