Guipure Lace Combines Trend with Tradition

You may not know the name but you will almost certainly have seen Guipure Lace before, as it is one of the oldest and still most popular types of wedding dress material. We have got an eclectic range of nineteen guipure lace designs for our discerning customers to choose from - which will be your favourite..?

To find the earliest reference to guipure lace, you have to go all the way back to 1327. In this distant year, the clergymen of Exeter Cathedral inventoried their most valuable possessions, among which four pieces of the classical fabric are proudly noted. Guipure lace is also sometimes referred to a Venetian or Filet lace and appears to have developed from the cleverly-woven nets of some of the earliest communities of fishermen.

‘Guipure’ comes from an Old French word that means ‘cover with silk’. A fine backing fabric is stitched with embroidered motifs of a floral or geometric design which continuously repeats - this repeating is the signature style of all guipure laces. The motifs create a firm texture and dense pattern that are simply not found in laces of other styles, making guipure lace truly unique. During the delicate process of finishing, the lightweight backing fabric used as a base disintegrates, leaving behind that classic guipure look.

Our collection of this quintessential bridal fabric includes:

Penelope - Ivory Guipure Lace

A host of floral motifs, each the shape of a six-pointed star, stands in precise geometric lines to create a dazzling, mesmerising display. Its pale yet rich ivory colouration is soft and appealing while matching borders frame the whole for a bridal lace that is as classy as it is striking

Emma - White Guipure Lace

A riot of flowers, buds and foliage seem, at first glance, to jostle for attention. As your eyes linger further, however, an elegant and refined balance becomes so apparent that you will wonder how you ever missed it in the first place. If you prefer, you can also choose this lace in Ivory

Lola - Ivory Guipure Lace

If you like to go for glam, then Lola ivory lace is for you! A rich colouration and more free-form design than many guipure laces make this an eclectic choice and soft, ephemeral fringing lifts the wedding dress material from the sublime to the divine

If you want to combine centuries of tradition with the most up-to-the-minute trends, then start browsing our collection of guipure lace now!