Get To Know Bridal Fabrics Personally!

Get To Know Bridal Fabrics Personally!

Platinum Bridal Fabrics is part of DHJ Weisters Ltd based in Darwen.
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Having been in the position of being a customer recently it became apparent that as a customer you do like to know who you are dealing with and so we thought this was an ideal time to introduce you to our company and current managing director.

Platinum Bridal Fabrics is part of DHJ Weisters Ltd based in Darwen. In 2012 we will be celebrating our 80th Anniversary which is an extremely exciting time for us. We are proud of our British heritage, having been weaving in the same mill in Darwen, Lancashire since our inception into this particular industry.

The current MD is Duncan Weisters, who is actually the 4th generation of the family to run the business. Duncan joined the business in 1998, having completed a degree at Durham University in Economics with French. Our business makes fabrics for a wide variety of end uses including ties, scarves, waistcoats, bow ties, cummerbunds, ecclesiastical wear, coffin linings and curtains.

As there are so many end uses for our fabric there was a great detail of technical information and various training required. Our manufacturing process incorporates a full design service, weaving, finishing and making up. As with any business, there is a whole myriad of different functions to learn, including finance, HR and design and after 80 years we are still learning in an ever changing world.

 In 2009, Duncan decided to expand on the range of in house wedding brocade fabrics and decided to add imported and UK manufactured Bridal Fabrics and Groom Fabrics. At first it was a case of attending textile fairs and visiting design houses and factories throughout Europe and Asia.

The collection has since evolved from being mainly fabric based into one that is now concentrated on Laces, Lace edgings and embellishing crystal edgings. We continually add to the range and are always on the lookout for a new quality that will enhance a wedding gown. In 2012, we can't think of any wedding lace stockist that can offer such a versatile range bridal fabrics and wedding laces such as ours.

We supply our fabrics either by the full piece or by cut length to both retail and trade customers. When Duncan is not at the weaving mill or sourcing new lace qualities, you can normally find him on the golf course or skiing down the snowy slopes in the Alps! At home, his hands are kept full looking after 4 gorgeous children who you can see in the picture!

Bridal Fabrics look forward to supplying you with beautiful bridal laces and fabrics throughout 2012. Please send us pictures of the finished wedding gown and details of the fabrics you purchased so we can feature you on our website and show off your stunning dress to everyone. Selling fabric is fun but it is lovely for us to be able to see the final article too!

For more information then please do not hesitate to call us on 01254 873333 or email

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