Get Bella's Bridal Lace from her Breaking Dawn Wedding Dress

The Twilight movie series has proved popular for many. A vampire themed romance whereby a girl, Bella Swan risks everything by falling in love with a vampire who is known in the film as Edward Cullen. Now the latest film within the series, Breaking Dawn shows the two tying the knot and the bridal lace used for her dress is now in stock at Bridal Fabrics.

Claire Lace has since proved very popular amongst our customers as one of our French Chantilly Lace products. Within the film Bella who is played by Kirsten Stewart is seen in the custom fit gown which has been made from a combination of lace and crepe satin.

No expense was spared on the gown for the film and from the back the dress was studded with 152 buttons from the neckline to the hemline. It is the rear of the dress where the Chantilly lace is really shown off! There is a sheer panel to the dress and then the outsides of this panel have been embroidered with the lace. In addition to the 152 buttons down the back of the gown there is a further 17 buttons lined down each sleeve and then the lace has been used around the sleeve end.

It has been rumoured to cost around £20,000 and the dress design by Herrera is planned to make an appearance in her 2012 collection but in addition to this designer Alfred Angelo is going to be selling his replica version of the dress. With the build up to the release of the film the wedding dress has been kept top secret although the designer was leaked, armed police and tarpaulin covered the set but still photos got online.

The dress certainly didn’t disappoint and nor did the film! The bridal lace brought the finishing touches to the gown and we are expecting to see a lot more gowns taking their inspiration from those shown in films such as Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn which has proved very popular amongst many.

If you want a dress just like Bella’s from Breaking Dawn then you can find the exact same lace at Bridal Fabrics!

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