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Have a sneaky peek at THIS divine dress! Created by Andrey Savin, the Managing Director and co-founder at London’s prestigious Atelier Studiolab, the gown will soon be the talk of the town when it appears on the front cover of a magazine so exclusive that we aren’t even allowed to mention its name - keep your eyes peeled for news but in the meantime, give them a few blissful moments and let them take in the beauty of Andrey’s magical, talented work.

Atelier Studiolab is a couture design house producing wedding gowns and a host of other bespoke garments. Every piece of clothing that leaves the premises is of the most sublime quality, high-end from start to finish to ensure that the company’s impressive reputation is upheld. They offer a full range of services from bespoke design to pattern-cutting and, as their website says and shows, ‘welcome any creative challenges and new ventures’.

Their website is an enchanting place to visit and will give you inspiration as you breathlessly browse through the images of Andrey’s completed works. Dotted with quotations from the biggest names in style, such as Dior, Chanel and the ever-gorgeous Audrey Hepburn, the website is testament to just how talented Andrey is and why it is such an honour for us to have him regularly use our fabrics in his creations. Our favourite quotation is from somebody who is more associated with music but the words are still highly-relevant to bridal couture fashion: “Without craftsmanship, inspiration is a mere reed shaken in the wind” - Johannes Brahms.

Andrey’s bespoke service is extremely popular and his waiting-list is always well-populated. An artist cannot be rushed and so Andrey makes sure that he devotes his time and attention to the garment he is currently at work on - the ideas of the bride combined with Andrey’s own inimitable style come together to create a detailed sketch of the dress which then magically begins to take shape as he works. With a solid background in fashion, Andrey has worked for major brands in the fashion centres of London and Paris; having his own studio is a well-deserved dream come true. Check out his website at and prepare to be impressed, amazed and inspired.

The dress in the photo was created using Alisha Chantilly Lace in Ivory - click here to find out more about this classy wedding dress material!

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