Four Fabulous Contemporary Bridal Lace Designs

Four Fabulous Contemporary Bridal Lace Designs

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Wedding dress lace is in a constant state of evolution as fashion-forward, innovative designers continue to create bold new designs. Bridal Fabrics, your online fabric store, always have our collective finger firmly on the pulse of these changing trends and this edition of our blog showcases a sumptuous selection of the most contemporary modern lace designs. 

Catalina: Ivory 3D Lace

Catalina is a magnificent ivory lace featuring a uni-directional large-scale design of floral motifs that radiate elegantly across the material. 3D petals and leaves, made from super-soft satin, have been added to embellish several of these feminine flowers, creating a wedding fabric that is truly breathtaking. As if further enhancement were needed, our designer has also added a stunning selection of beautiful beads to this most delightful of dress fabrics.

Bruna: Ivory Embroidered Lace

Bruna is one of our most dramatic examples of wedding lace online, bedecked with large flowers cascading from one edge of the tulle and diminishing in size as the design progresses. A rich combination of Silver and Champagne threads has been used to add subtle highlights to these exquisite embroidered motifs. The tulle base of this fabric is beautifully light, giving it a superb handle and amazing drape.

Hadley: Ivory Embroidered Lace

Hadley comprises a French lace background, which has been festooned with embroidered discs colored in wedding ivory. Flirtatious and fun, these playful discs together create a marvelous spangle effect, added to with swishing tassels that adorn one end. Put simply, Hadley is one of our most fabulous online fabrics!

Daria: Ivory Embroidered Lace

Incorporating abstract flowers and geometric shapes, Daria is a thoroughly contemporary wedding lace in our collection of fabrics online. The ivory lace has a sheer tulle background that is exceptionally floaty; onto this, our designer has added embroidered and corded elements resulting in a mesmeric pattern. Why not request a free sample today?!

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