Fit for a Duchess - A Uniquely Beautiful Dress

Fit for a Duchess - A Uniquely Beautiful Dress

We recently received a lovely email from Rosemary Jolley which described how she had created a unique wedding dress for her daughter using our materials.
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We recently received a lovely email from Rosemary Jolley which, accompanied by several gorgeous photographs, described how she had created a unique wedding dress for her daughter using material from Platinum Bridal Fabrics. After becoming disappointed with the limited range of off-the-peg dresses and being unwilling to gamble with ordering a pre-made dress that may not fit and so require costly and time-consuming alterations, Rosemary's daughter decided to design her own which would then be created by her mother and a friend.

With no previous experience of making a wedding dress, Rosemary had a difficult task ahead of her. Alongside her daughter, Rosemary researched a selection of wedding dress material suppliers before deciding to buy from us, based on our impressive reputation for quality and customer service along with an extensive, diverse and ever-growing choice of wedding fabrics. She also found our website to be 'very user friendly', offering crystal-clear photography, access to various swiftly-delivered samples and providing 'loads of information'.

Naturally, as our collection is so extensive, Rosemary's daughter took some time to decide on exactly the right fabrics. She wanted a dress in a similar style to one she had seen which, tea-length, featured an exciting and evocative layer of lace over a matt satin. To recreate the look but with a unique style, she chose our Duchess Satin to be teamed with Maria lace; both fabrics were rendered in classic ivory.

Over the course of creating the dress, several last-minute changes in style were required. This involved a substantial amount of unpicking and re-sewing, all of which the delicate yet robust and hardwearing materials easily withstood without any sign of wear or tear. Rosemary found that the fabrics were 'very easy to machine' and successfully created the subtly-shimmering lace-on-satin effect that her daughter desired. As the dress took shape, Rosemary made several enquiries of Platinum Bridal Fabrics by telephone and email, all of which were 'responded (to) quickly' with a 'very helpful' attitude by our skilled customer service team. Some of these enquiries involved requests for extra material which, ordered by telephone, were guaranteed to be available for pickup later on the very same day.

Rosemary's daughter's wedding day was a great success; Rosemary told us that the dress fitted 'like a glove' and that there was 'no seam stretch or unreliability'. After the event, the dress was sent to a professional dry cleaners; upon return, the dress looked and felt as good as new. Summing up her experience with Platinum Bridal Fabrics, Rosemary simply stated, "I would thoroughly recommend them".

Maria lace is incredibly popular and, as such, has been made available in a diverse palette of colours including Candy Pink, Terracotta, Lilac and Russet. A stylishly elegant corded border lace with the finest of tulle grounds, Maria features delicate embroidered roses in its design which, highlighted with expert cording, is made even more beautiful with the use of shimmering gold filigree thread and identically-scalloped borders.

We would like to thank Rosemary for sharing her story and invite other customers to do the same. Our favourite stories will feature in news articles like this one and all photographs will be added to our stunning online gallery.

For more information on our superlative range of wedding dress material, please contact us by calling 01254 873333 or email us at

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