Exclusive Bridal Lace - The Latest in Luxury

Exclusive Bridal Lace - The Latest in Luxury

Platinum Bridal Fabrics are excited to announce the arrival of three very exclusive new laces.
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Platinum Bridal Fabrics are excited to announce the arrival of three very exclusive new laces. These desirable laces have been incredibly difficult to obtain and demand has been high but we now have stock of all three for the first time.

All of the new wedding fabrics have a 132cm (52") width and are ivory in colour, meaning they are perfectly suited to creating a wedding gown with a vintage lace style. The vintage look continues to grow in popularity and has been seen on catwalks around the world, recalling the sophistication and glamour of a bygone era while adding daring modern twists.

The first of our new bridal laces is the delicate and feminine Philippa, an embellished fabric with large floral rosettes. Each embroidered rosette is embellished with eye-catching ivory cord and the soft ivory tulle background adds a luxurious touch. Identically-scalloped edges complete this beautifully-designed bridal lace.

Joining Philippa in the new collection is Ellen, an ivory corded lace featuring an attractive and close-set series of flower garlands. The garlands, along with the borders of the fabric, are expertly shaded and corded with embroidery thread and the edges of this gorgeous lace are identical, gently scalloped and fringed.

Our final new lace is Margaret. This ivory corded lace is truly fit for a queen, with a single, softly-scalloped border that repeats every 20cm. Two subtly-different scallops run along the edge, adding a unique twist to this vintage lace style. The background of the lace is shot through with large floral bouquets that give an arresting effect. Both bouquets and borders and elegantly shaded and corded with delicate embroidery while the high-quality tulle features an attractive shadow garland running through it, complementing the overall design.

We are always glad to add new items to our extensive collection in order to continue with our commitment to providing the most comprehensive choice of quality bride and groom fabrics available in the UK. All of our laces can be cut to desired lengths or supplied as whole pieces and samples are usually readily available.

For more information on our new laces or any of our wedding dress material, please contact our experienced customer service team on 01254 873333 or by email info@bridalfabrics.co.uk.  

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