Discover the Charm of Lace with Cording

Discover the Charm of Lace with Cording

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Corded bridal lace has recently seen a resurgence in its popularity. This style of lacemaking is particularly versatile, lending itself well to both traditional and contemporary designs. This edition of the Bridal Fabrics blog shares with you six different styles of corded wedding lace online: three traditional and three modern. Which is YOUR favourite among these gorgeous dress fabrics...?

Traditional Corded Lace Designs

Belinda: Ivory Corded Lace

Supremely elegant, Belinda wedding dress lace is available in White or Ivory and is framed by symmetrical borders with beautifully-scalloped edges. The main pattern is composed of two different sizes of floral motifs, which are subtly shaded with lustrous embroidery thread before being highlighted with fine cording. You can purchase these motifs separately as appliques and we also supply a coordinating Ivory lace trim.

Dionne: Ivory Corded Lace

Dionne is a pretty corded wedding fabric decorated with lovely floral motifs. Both edges are identical, featuring scallops and a fabulously-feminine fringe.

Bethany: Ivory Raschel Lace

This Raschel-style wedding dress material is one of the lightest in our collection of online fabrics, giving it a truly breathtaking handle. The pattern comprises elegant bouquets of floral motifs, which have been delicately woven and then highlighted using a sumptuous ivory cord. Beautiful scalloped borders extend deeply into this unique design.

Modern Corded Lace Designs

Fiorella: Ivory Embroidered Lace

A striking, unusual addition to our collection of fabrics online, Fiorella is composed of a wide variety of different stitching styles and exquisite cordwork. The lace fabric boasts symmetrical clusters of seductive embroidery at its edges, resulting in a glamorous and sophisticated aesthetic. 

Tiberius: Ivory Corded Lace

Onto a background of wonderful ivory tulle, our designer has embroidered an alluring and eye-catching pattern. Cording has been added to this stylish design, along with an excellent array of embellishing beads that give the fabric real panache. 

Daria: Ivory Embroidered Lace

A sheer lightweight tulle has been chosen as the base for this wonderful lace, which has been a popular option since the moment it was added to our online fabric shop. Mesmerising geometric shapes and floral motifs work in perfect harmony within matching edges, while gorgeous cording elements demand rapt attention. 

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