Crystal Embellishment - 15% off for Subscribers

Crystal Embellishment - 15% off for Subscribers

How would you like to save a massive 15% on ANY of the high-quality Crystal Trims and Motifs available from Platinum Bridal Fabrics? Find out how...

How would you like to save a massive 15% on ANY of the high-quality Crystal Trims available from Platinum Bridal Fabrics? To find out how, simply read on…!

The average cost of a wedding in the UK continues to rise (with the bridal gown taking up a significant portion of the budget) and, in these times where people are seeking to save money without compromising on quality, the ever-changing special offers and promotional products from Platinum Bridal Fabrics can make a real difference.

As well as crystal trims, we also supply a large and exciting range of other wedding dress embellishments to add that extra glamorous touch to a bridal gown, including exquisite crystal embroideries and appliqués. These, along with the always-trendy crystal trims, are regularly seen on haute couture catwalks used in a variety of creatively-accessorizing ways.

We currently have more than 30 crystal trims and 80 crystal motifs in our collection; this collection is only added to with new examples when our experienced and exacting wedding dress material team all agree on the superlative quality of the proposed new style. Two of the fabulous crystal embellishments you could soon be using your 15% discount on are listed below, check out the dedicated ‘Crystal Trims’  and 'Crystal Motifs' sections of our website for more.

Neptune Crystal Dress Trim

Named after the the outermost planet in the Solar System, suggesting intriguing and otherworldly mystery, this enchanting wedding dress embellishment is nothing less than magnificent. Shimmering with an anarchic mélange of tulle-covered crystals, tubular silver beads, luxurious ivory pearls and white sequins that seem to constantly and gently change their hue as the wearer moves through differing qualities of light, Neptune is as space-age as its name!

Neptune bridal dress trim has a gorgeously-asymmetric shape. This shape, that varies in width by around 2cm along its softly-undulating length, is perfectly complemented by the ovular ivory designs that are shot through the lace at a repeating pattern distance of 16cm.

Gloria Crystal Edging

With clear etymological roots to the modern English word ‘glory’, this means that the crystal wedding fabric bearing its name has a lot to live up to. In fact, Gloria crystal dress trim so completely exceeds the meaning of its name that, although Platinum Bridal Fabrics use expert professional photographers with the latest camera equipment to take HD images of all our wedding dress material, the photographic image of Gloria can not possibly compete with the dazzling, luxurious look and feel of the real thing.

Gloria crystal wedding dress embellishments have an indescribable charm and authenticity, enhanced by the fact that each piece, embroidered painstakingly by hand, is utterly unique. Our designer has expertly selected from a range of differently-sized pearls which, held securely in place by iridescent beads, form the central area of the design. Framing the edges of this truly queen-like crystal dress trim is a marching line of the tiniest, most delicate pearls and beads.

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