Crystal Motifs - Brand New and Exclusive

Another fantastic array of brand new bridal fabrics has been added to our extensive collection. Several new laces are featured in this stunning range, along with some beautiful new lace trim. As crystal motifs continue to grow in popularity with the vintage wedding dress style, we have also added five new examples of these beautifully-embroidered embellishments.

Our new crystal motifs are all prettily-named after flowers, reflecting the natural beauty they possess. Adding the perfect finishing touch to any bridal gown, these motifs are sure to create a dazzling display as they catch, collect and reflect light playfully.

The soft, ethereal beauty of the sea-dwelling anemone is perfectly captured in our first new crystal motif. With its elegant embroidery and diamantes of varying sizes surrounding a striking wired adornment, Anemone exudes elegance and sophistication. The design measures 9cm x 8cm and would work well with a variety of styles, especially vintage lace.

With an eye-catching shape and large diamantes, the Tulip crystal motif instantly commands attention. Elegant curvature and filigree thread draw the eye to the top of this elegant design, which then cascades back down in an explosion of crystallised beauty with an array of sizes and shapes of diamantes. This motif is designed with a daring, flamboyant bride in mind.

Carnation is a truly stunning crystal motif, with its asymmetric shape and heavy embellishment. Diamantes are combined with a selection of beads, pearls and delicate fabrics to give an exciting visual display, abstractly representing the traditional wedding flower the motif takes its name from. With a generous size of 17cm x 11.5cm, Carnation is one of our larger crystal motifs.

Allium is an exciting design, with closely packed embellishments giving way to more open areas. There is a subtle sense of uniform about this unique piece, with its precisely arranged pearls, diamantes and beads forming an almost badge-like shape. This interesting arrangement is reminiscent of the Victorian era and will perfectly suit a vintage lace gown.

Our final new crystal motif is Vanda, named after one of the most beautiful species of orchid. At 25cm x 14cm, this is a very large design and will turn any wedding gown into a work of art with its refined yet riotous charm. Delicate leaves, with an attractive two-tone effect, radiate dramatically outwards from the centre which is gorgeously clustered with diamantes. Sequins and beads are expertly arranged to optimise the play of light, which centres around the beautiful dual tones of the leaves.

Please enjoy examining our new crystal motifs which are, like our entire range of wedding fabrics, able to view with a high level of magnification. Don't forget, if you have used our products to create a stunning garment or accessory, you can send in your photo to feature in the gallery on our website.

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