Crystal Motifs Arrive In May!

Bridal Fabrics recently wrote to you regarding seven new crystal motifs which we have added to our collection. We would just like to remind customers that these are going to be in stock by the beginning of May and ready to purchase; they are totally stunning and will add that finishing touch to your wedding gown.

The crystal motifs will be added to our existing crystal embellishments range. These can be used for a wide range of applications but for the most part they are used in order to finish off a garment and for adding that sparkle! Our customers can take advantage of crystal embellishments which have been embellished with pearls, diamantes, beads and sequins.

We have added seven new crystal motifs to our collection which we hope our customers are going to love when they become available in May. These crystal motifs are of extremely high quality and all have a striking appeal to them. As mentioned earlier they will add a touch of class and sparkle to any wedding gown and just give it that last WOW factor!

  • Leo is the first of the crystal motifs and it features a small cluster of crystals which have been arranged in a flower pattern and it is from this where leaves branch outwards.
  • Pegasus is the second crystal motif to join our collection and this is similar to Leo in that it features a small cluster of crystals which have been carefully arranged to branch out and then curl up into a tight swirl pattern.
  • Scorpio is the third of the crystal motifs and this has been added because of its compact design which then branches out and travels along the various strands. But when you get back to the centre there are a number of crystal star designs.
  • Aquarius is the fourth of our crystal motifs and this one features a quirky design which has larger gems surrounded by much smaller ones and then loops of fabric featuring crystals which are embroidered over the top.
  • Pisces is the fifth crystal motif which we have chosen as part of our crystal embellishments range. It features a compact design whereby large crystals are in the middle and then smaller ones work their way out in a circle until it reaches the edge of the motif where a wavy edge is created.
  • Venus is the sixth crystal motif which will be available from the end of May; it features a large gem within the middle of the design and then a range of gems which work their way outward from this. Peals have been incorporated into the design and at the motifs edge triangular gems are used.
  • Mercury is the seventh and final crystal motif which we have added to our crystal embroidery and as a larger design it features a flower design which has been created using looping thread and this has gems in the middle and then a number of strands which branch out from this and curl at the edges.

All of our crystal embellishments are hand embroidered and we choose them based on whether or not they will bring something different to our range. These motifs are certainly something special and have such a striking appearance. When added to a wedding gown these crystal motifs will twinkle and sparkle as they catch the light; adds a final special touch to any wedding dress design.

For more information then please contact us on 01254 873333 or email