Crazy about Capes!

We love the look and we'd like to recommend some of our exquisite fabrics for those of you thinking about a caped creation!

Hot trend alert!  Bridal capes are a contemporary and cool addition to the modern bride's choice of attire.  We love the look and we'd like to recommend some of our exquisite fabrics for those of you thinking about a caped creation!

For an exquisite heavily beaded short cape we can imagine the lovely Brianna draping over the shoulders of a beautiful bride.  A delightful ivory Raschel lace, that measures 135cms/53" from edge to edge, this lace features intricate hand embel­lis­hment. Both edges feature the same scalloped and fringed borders to frame cape.

Staying with the beaded lace, we imagine a strong shoulder focused cape flowing down to the floor with pearl embellishment.  Step in to the limelight ivory pearl beaded lace Cersei.  With  commanding  attention, Cersei is a bold, modern arrangement of narrow vertical repeats adorned with pearls and beads measuring 132cm (52") across.  There are a number of vertical bands, each with a modern design, most embellished with pearls or smaller pearls and beads.  The lace edge is a beautifully scalloped design incorporating pearls and repeats every 18.5cm (7.3").  As the bands move up the lace they diminish or stop, creating a lighter, more open design for a flowing finish to the cape.  The ivory tulle base is exposed as it meets the identical opposite border of the lace. 

Lastly, we can imagine a light an ethereal romantically themed cape in a delicate Chantilly lace.  We would require a scalloped and fringed border, a soft and light handle and a delicate floral design all in ivory or white - a lace fabric to flatter has to be ivory Chantilly lace Francesca.  Francesca is a very delicate Chantilly lace with floral bouquets, exhibiting subtle shading on the flowers. The double scalloped border is 12cms/5" deep and is identical on both edges. The border is fringed and has the bouquet continues to the edge. Francesca is a very feminine floaty fabric, also available in white , measuring 92cms/37" wide.

We hope these three beautiful laces will whet your appetite for a cape creation of your own.  If not then please browse our extensive lace collection of over 1000 laces.  Any question, please get in touch - we're happy to help!


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