Continental Class: New Wedding Fabric - Part 1

Need a little bit of Mediterranean style to warm up your winter? We are extremely proud to introduce nine brand new Italian bridal laces and wedding dress embellishments to our collection and here is your sneak peek at the first four!

Italy has, for centuries, been known as a centre of magnificent, groundbreaking and world-influencing haute couture. From its many prestigious fashion houses flow a steady stream of exciting new garments and, also as it has been for centuries, lace is one of the fabrics most often chosen thanks to its unmatched beauty. All of the new laces featuring in this special two-part article are made in Italy and the collection opens with:

Brynn - Ivory Guipure Lace Trim

A very pretty design, this lace trim comprises a continuous garland of connected flowers that all but crackles with effervescent style. The edging is rendered in a pale yet rich ivory colouration and is shot through with sinuous swirls of metallic silver thread.

Nova - Ivory Corded Lace Appliques

A symmetrical pair of wedding dress embellishments designed to combine contemporary glamour with vintage lace style, Nova appliques are unapologetically tall and elegant. Expertly-embroidered to form a simple yet striking pattern of flowers, this design is pure class.

Carter - Silver Embroidered Lace

Prepare to be mesmerised! This space-age bridal lace is completely silver throughout and is designed for the bride who dares to dazzle and who will revel in the excited and admiring compliments she receives. If you love the lace (and of course you do!) but don’t think it’s quite right for walking down the aisle, why not create a stunning evening gown or even something fun and frivolous for the honeymoon suite…?!

Lucille - Ivory Beaded Lace

A lace of palest ivory embellished with subtle pearls, Lucille does not command the immediate attention of the other fabrics in this collection. Just a little time spent with the fabric though will be enough to convince you that it’s no wallflower! The pearls have been carefully chosen to complement one another in tone and size, creating a wonderfully delicate and feminine wedding lace that you won't be able to stop looking at!

These wedding fabrics are available to purchase right now from the respective product pages. Order a sample if you’re not quite sure of your favourite and don't hesitate to call & email if you need to chat direct. Subscribe to our newsletter to make sure you don't miss part 2 of this special 2-part article!