Conformity, Convention and COLOR....

There’s a certain kind of bride-to-be who wants to do things a little differently. The non-conformist, unconventional type who wants to really let go and enjoy what is one of the most exciting, special, fun and terrifying days of a woman’s life. You know who you are. Not for you the standard wedding; you’re going for a wacky but clearly cool location, interesting catering, a party that will live in memory for decades and… a gown that gives a cheeky nod to convention with classy lace but that defies all expectations when it comes to color…

For a start, REFUSE to be bullied! There are always the traditionalists around to try and get you ‘back to normal’ when you suddenly announce you want to get married wearing deepest scarlet. And there have been many cross words between mothers and daughters when the heirloom dress hasn’t quite come up to par. Choose and wear what makes you feel good because that’s the secret to FEELING good: simple, right?

Ok, so you are a Pandora and have decided to throw caution to the wind, opening the paintbox. And now the rainbow appears before you, where on the spectrum do you land? Wherever it is, we will have a lace color that thrills your eyes and will make you look AND feel like the beauty you are. Perhaps you can be tempted by..

Sasha Magenta Lace

Hovering in a rich, exclusive color zone somewhere between blue and purple, this is an understated yet particularly regal design and is ideal for the bride who isn’t a fan of the floral look. Repeating paisley motifs run throughout the lace, giving a hypnotic effect.

Elspeth Peacock-Blue Embroidery Lace

The peacock is known as one of the show-offs of the avian world, his glorious feathers creating a display unmatched in nature. The peahen, conversely, is rather a drab bird and we think it's time to even up the scores! So steal the peacock’s colors with this deeply attractive lace and be the centre of everyone's attention.

This is just the beginning of your journey through our rainbow of coloured laces… click HERE to enjoy many more.