Cold Weather advice for Weddings

Wedding Advice - Cold Weather Wedding Advice

Don't let the cold weather ruin your wedding. Be prepared and follow these tips

1.  Mention the weather considerations in your invitation – You may wish to place a mention the cold weather alongside the registry, wedding website, or venue map.  For my sisters wedding we used a single (small) card (about the same size as the Response Card [RSVP Card] for this purpose, broken down as such:

Front side – Registry, event timeline, and weather consideration mention
Back side – Venue address, map, and driving directions

2. Having an indoor ceremony and/or reception? Set-up a coat check area . Guests will appreciate not having to lug around their winter coats, or worse yet having to hang them over the back of their chairs.

3.  Having the event(s) indoors away from the cold weather? Err on the side of placing the thermostat temperature "a little cool".  Consider that your guests may not be able to peel off too many layers past their winter coats should the indoor temperature climb.  (Nearly everyone gets warm when they dance.)

4.  Having the event(s) outdoors in the cold weather? Err on the side of heat which means considering the use of heaters, fireplaces, hand-warming packets , or decorative fire pits (covered or screened) where guests can warm their parts and then leave to enjoy more wedding action.

5.  Incremental weather means having brooms on-hand to sweep away water, shovels or a snowplow on stand-by to make a path in snow, and umbrellas for the ushers use to assist guests as they arrive and depart.

6.  Transportation considerations – if your ceremony and reception are in different locations and it is sure to be snowing, consider renting buses, limo buses, or cars to transport guests (to avoid parking accidents, sliding, or hydro-planing).



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