Chantilly Lace — New Designs Just Arrived!

Chantilly Lace — New Designs Just Arrived!

Check out our brand new collection of Chantilly Lace for Autumn/Winter 2015/16
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We are delighted to announce the addition of lots of new types and styles of bridal lace, enhancing our already-exceptional collection and giving you even more choice. Here we focus exclusively on our new Chantilly lace designs but look out for further articles coming soon with details of more of the newest wedding dress material now available from us!

‘Chantilly’ is the word on the lips of all the most renowned and forward-thinking fashionistas and couture designers this season and we recently introduced a dazzling collection of embellished Chantilly lace to rapturous reception. We are now proud to bring a further six Chantilly lace designs to our discerning customers.

Mila - Corded Ivory Chantilly Lace

Our designer has chosen Mila ivory lace, a stunning French Chantilly fabric, to be enhanced with rich ivory cord, further embellishing the already densely-woven flowers-and-foliage design. One side of the wedding dress material features visually-pleasing scallops and fringes while the other side has a straight fringed edge to add asymmetric appeal.

Adelaide - Ivory Chantilly Lace

A sweet, pretty and ultra-feminine design featuring floral motifs that grow denser toward the bottom of the lace, Adelaide has identical fringed and scalloped edges. This is a perfect design for winter, despite being named after a city known for having warm and pleasant temperatures!

Thea - Ivory Chantilly Lace with Cording

Matching borders frame this boldly-evocative design, which flies in the face of the season with its warming and attractive summery feel. If you’re jetting or even sailing off for a wedding in the sun this winter (or perhaps just feel like defying the weather and creating your own summer right here at home!), Thea could be your perfect wedding dress fabric.

Tiggy - Ivory Corded Chantilly Lace

A sweeping, undulating and unashamedly-flamboyant design rises deep into the body of this bridal lace, creating a sense of breathless movement and perfectly-balanced harmony. This is a fabric fit for a princess and would suit a bride with a sense of extravagant drama.

Eileen - Chantilly Lace in Ivory

Seamlessly transitioning from the wild to the whimsical, Eileen wedding lace is extraordinary and unusual in several ways. The ivory colouration is so pale and subtle that, at first glance, it appears to be pure white while the floral design is skilfully picked out with a dense covering of fine thread. Definitely one for a creative, individual and unique bride.

Marigold - Corded Chantilly Lace in Ivory

Wow, wow and wow again! We’re not sure if we could get away with just writing the word ‘wow’ 100 times to describe this delectable wedding dress material although we do know that even doing that still wouldn't fully convey just how gorgeous and stunning it is. Your devoted writer is (for once!) lost for words and can only suggest that you visit the product page and order a free sample to experience its divine beauty for yourself.

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